Hormonal level fluctuate with age, but with bio-identical hormone therapy, energy levels do not have to be!  Dr. Salib has helped numerous men and women feel younger and live better with bio-identical hormonal therapy.

Hormone Vitality

Hormonal Health is an integral part of your well being.  Unfortunately, this aspect of your health has been ignored by the traditional medical system.  

Correcting an abnormal hormonal profile is key to improving problems with weight, mood, and aches and pains.  The benefits associated with correcting abnormal hormones range from improved bone mineral density, better sleep, to increased energy levels.  The fact remains that most individuals note a significant improvement in the quality of their life after correcting an abnormal hormonal profile.  They simply feel younger and live better!

How Are Hormones Tested?

Hormonal levels can be assessed multiple ways.  The most common is a blood draw, but other options including salivary hormonal testing are also commonly available.  The best test is individualized to the patient based on the symptoms they are experiencing.  There are many companies such as ZRT laboratories who offer saliva testing kits.  

What is the Treatment?

Depending on the hormonal levels and symptoms experienced by the patient, injectable or topical therapy can prescribed to help alleviate the symptoms.  In the past, bio-identical hormones have been associated with compounded topical medications.  This holds true for many of the female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, but not necessarily true for testosterone levels.  Injectable forms of testosterone such as testosterone cypionate is considered to be a natural and bioidentical form of testosterone!   As with any treatment in medicine there are advantages vs disadvantages to each form of therapy.  The injectable form of testosterone can be dosed weekly or biweekly thus, making compliance with taking the medication somewhat easier than the topical form of therapy.  However, this steady state does not replicate the physiological form of hormonal therapy.  Dr. Salib will discuss with you the right treatment option during your office visit.

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