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Safe and Effective FDA Approved Therapies

Desired Medical Solutions physicians only prescribe FDA approved therapies for weight loss with GLP-1 inhibitors and Adipex.

Personalized Weight Loss Plan

Our weight loss program is custom tailored to your individual needs. Your weight loss plan depends on your medical history.

Affordable Prices Inclusive of Lipotropic Injections

Unlike other weight loss clinics, the lipotropic/B12 injections are included in our prices. Furthermore, we only accept payment after a treatment has been discussed with patient.

Get Your Life Back

Is weight loss becoming a source of frustration?  Do you want to get back into your swimsuit?  Do you want to feel more confident?  Do you want to be more fit and active?

Here at Desired Medical Solutions, we can help you achieve your goals.  There a number of factors that can increase your body’s fat composition.  Dr. Salib applies functional medicine practices geared towards optimizing hormonal levels, improving your sleep, and working with you to developing a diet that works well for your needs.  Our weight loss program works!  We do not employ gimmicks.  When medications are indicated, only FDA approved medications are prescribed.  It is this holistic approach that looks at the body as a whole rather than as functionally independent parts that separates us from other weight loss clinics.  

We have the resources and tools that can help you regain your condifence at prices that are very affordable.  Desired Medical Solutions aims to develop longterm relationships with the community.  Let us help you achieve your goals within a very affordable budget.  

Real Stories of Success

Dr Salib is wonderful. He has helped me so much in bringing my weight down. I have struggled for many years trying to do it alone. I’m just a short time I’ve lost a significant amount. He is kind and attentive and I highly recommend him.

J. Booth

Dr Salib is helping me with weight loss. Responds to phone calls and emails promptly. Office is nice and he is very attentive to needs, highly recommend

J. Griffis

I have always struggled with my weight but it became unmanageable when I hit menopause. I was not a gym person but probably have owned every type of exercise equipment they make. When I found out we were moving to Florida, I made a promise to myself. That promise was to make me a better one. I found Desired Medical Solutions online. Dr. Salib called the very next day. I was totally surprised that I had the option for him to come to my home. He listened to everything I had to say and didn’t brush anything off. He asked a lot of questions to make sure he understood my needs and what I was looking for. You can tell he genuinely cares about his patients. I am down 17 lbs. (and counting) in about 3 months. I feel amazing! I have so much more energy and actually want to exercise!! He made a huge difference in my attitude and my health. Thank you!

T. Jarvis

The Truth about Weight Loss

If you have tried diet after diet without meeting your medical weight loss goals, then we may have a better alternative. Sadly, there are many gimmicks  promoted by weight loss clinics such as the HCG diet and other diets which are ineffective. The FDA has warned against  the HCG diet in particular because it is a form of hormonal therapy.  Receiving sound medical advise from a board certified physician can help you achieve your weight loss goals by healthy means. Newer medications such as Saxenda and Wegovy have recently been approved by the FDA for medical weight loss.  Desired Medical Solutions believes that the plan for weight loss should be formulated by a physician that is abreast of the latest weight loss prescription medications.  A medical weight loss plan should never be formulated as a one size fits all.  

Desired Medical Solutions has put together a number of protocols to help you lose the weight. Our medical weight loss program can be stand alone or included in our concierge level of service.  The goal is to help you achieve long term results that improve your health.

Why Desired Medical Solutions?

Our practice prides itself on delivering personalized care to our patients.  We make it very convenient by doing an initial telephonic consultation for new patients.  During your initial visit crucial aspects of your health such as insulin resistance, cortisol elevating health conditions, among other health factors will be reviewed to help devise the best treatment plan.

What You Get?

The initial consultation will consist of a thorough medical review to find the best weight loss pill option.  Diet plans and calories restrictions will be discussed with you to ensure to you are meeting your weight loss goals.  The goal of our weight loss plan is to help you lose the weight.

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